Equipment in the classroom

The Spark lectern

Choosing your source

If you wish to use the PC and it is not illuminated, choose the PC button.

PC icon 

If you wish to connect your laptop using the external cables, choose the HDMI or VGA button depending on which cable you have connected. 

HDMI icon VGA button

The 3.5mm jack will need to be connected along side the VGA or HDMI connector to get audio. 


Please note some Mac users will have to use adaptors.  Also, if you are using your laptop, the touch features of the PC or wall mounted CleverTouch screen will not be available.

At the right hand side of the panel is the volume control. You can press the top of the control to switch the volume on or off.

Volume controls

The AV Mute button is to hide your screen until you are ready. This will make the screen black, to show just press the button again.

Mute icon