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The Slingshot feature allows you to insert the currently displayed image (and/or another stored image from the archive) into another software application including:

  • a rich text editor/word processor
  •  Interactive Whiteboard software 
  • an image editor program. 
Multiple images may be pasted into your other program with one click of this Slingshot icon:

Slingshot icon

Step 1
Click on the Slingshot icon. Flex 10 immediately minimizes and a small window showing your current image appears near the upper left portion of your screen: 

Slingshot view

Notice there are three buttons on this thumbnail image above:

  1. Go Back is on the upper left. Click this button to return to Flex 10 at any time, whether you have pasted the image or not 
  2. Archive is on the upper right. Click this to select a previously saved snapshot from the Archive list to insert 
  3. Drag to insert as file is on the bottom. Click this to toggle between Drag to insert as file and Drag to insert from clipboard.
 If “clipboard” is selected, the image can be dragged right into a word-processing or other document. If “file” is selected, the image can be dragged into a Windows® file folder and it will be saved in its own file.

Step 2
Go to the application programme you want to bring the image to. The Slingshot window will remain near the upper left on your screen. With the mouse, drag the window onto the application programme where you want the image to display. It may take a second or two for the image to appear there. 

Notice the Slingshot window is still displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. You will use this in a moment to return to the visualiser software.

Step 3
To paste in a previously saved image, click the Archive button on the Slingshot window. Then select the saved image by clicking it and dragging it onto your application. You may select and paste multiple images at this time. 

Step 4
Save your application after inserting your image(s). You can make adjustments to the image(s) later. 

Step 5
Exit the Slingshot feature and return to the visualiser software by clicking on the Go Back button shown in the upper left corner of the Slingshot window.