Equipment in the classroom


Split Screen

The Split Screen icon divides the computer screen into two images: the one on the left is the latest snapshot taken (or the latest snapshot chosen from the pull-out tab), and the image on the right is the live video from the visualiser's camera. 

Split screen icon

The snapshot (or “still image”) has this control under it:

Split screen controls

The slider bar allows you to bookzoom in and out of the still image. There are three buttons to the right of the slider bar: 

  • leftmost button, “1:1”: makes the image to be displayed at maximum bookzoom
  • second button: zooms the image all the way out
  • third button is a toggle: click to display the still image over the whole screen; click again to shrink it back and show the split screen again.

Notice there is a vertical line between the two images. Drag the line left or right with the mouse to adjust the sizes of the two images relative to the whole screen

Split screen