Equipment in the classroom


Visualiser software

The screenshot below shows the how the menus will show when the software is opened. The chapters that follow show how these features work.


  • The live video display in the centre, takes the majority of the screen area 

  • A pull-out tab on the left edge shows the recent snapshots saved. Click on the pull-out tab to display recent snapshots; click the tab again to hide the snapshots. 

  • A pull-out tab on the right edge shows the annotation tool wheel 

  • On the bottom of the screen a small 'thumbnail' image of the most recent snapshot taken since start up
  • A Tool Bar is displayed across the bottom of the screen. The following icons are included, going from left to right:
    1. Split screen (display aa snapshot along side the live camera feed)
    2. Slingshot (move a snapshot to a document)
    3. Record (record the screen, we would advise that you use lecture capture if you wish to record the screen)
    4. Multi Scan (take multiple snapshots at set intervals)
    5. Freeze (Freeze the camera feed)
    6. View (camera and viewing controls)
    7. bookZoom ( bookzoom the camera, same as the controls on the device)
    8. Focus (focus the camera, same as the controls on the device)
    9. Control (adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the camera feed)
    10. Cropping (allows you to select an area of the image to snapshot)
    11. Settings (we would advise that you do not alter these
If you are having difficulties with the device, please contact the ICT Helpdesk on x. 2345.