Equipment in the classroom


Manipulating the device

When the application opens, you will be shown what the camera can see. At this point you can adjust the content to display properly.  The camera is on the end of a flexible arm that can be adjusted so that what is being displayed fills the camera's field of view. 

Camera orientation 

If the displayed image is not appearing the right way up there are two controls that will allow you to adjust this. The dial located next to the camera will allow you to rotate the image by 90°. A display on the top of the device will indicate either A4 or A3 which denotes the orientation of the camera (portrait or landscape respectively).  These notations are not for paper size as the camera can be moved closer or further away to accommodate different document sizes.

The button on the centre of the visualiser's console will flip this image by 180°.


The bookzoom buttons on the device will allow you to adjust the level of bookzoom of what you are displaying. The bookzoom will allow you to bookzoom unto 320x.

Camera focus

If the image is not in focus press the 'AF' button on the console. This will focus the camera.

If you are writing on a document that you are visualising or moving items in and out of the camera's view it is a good idea to use the auto focus lock button as this will stop the camera from hunting for focus. To do this press the 'AF-L' button.

Additional  illumination 

if additional light is need to illuminate an object there is a light switch located on the arm of the device that has three lighting settings.

Location of buttons and dials

Manipulating the visualiser