Equipment in the classroom

Clever touch screens

If you encounter any technical problems with the clever touch screens, please contact the ICT Service Desk or ext.2345.
For training, contact the Learning Technologies Helpdesk on

The CleverTouch screens are the wall-mounted displays which are installed in all of the teaching spaces in The Spark. The high image quality, with anti-shadow and anti-glare glass, gives a clear display for students. Utilising touch screen technology, the wall mounted displays have multi-touch capabilities. This allows for intuitive navigation. While the multi-touch feature enables multiple inputs on the board at any one time, as well as rotation, resize and moving objects using two fingers. 

Clever touch screen

Cleverlynx software, a simple-to-use application, transforms the interactive screens into digital whiteboards. Similar to Smart Notebook, it also includes tools such as: pen, paintbrush, highlighting and area fill tools.