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Getting started with the all-in-one workstations

Quick navigation

Windows 10 has a few features that will allow you to quickly navigate between applications and access the desktop.

Task view

This shows all the running applications as tiles across the desktop that includes a preview of each. If you had multiple documents open the preview is large enough that you are able to distinguish between them allowing you to quickly navigate between them. 

This can be activated by pressing the button to the right of the Windows search or pressing Windows+TAB.

Task view

Show desktop

There is a button in the bottom right of the screen that will show the desktop if you have many applications open. It will help you to:

  • access the desktop
  • minimise everything. 
There is also a keyboard shortcut for this: Windows+D. Clicking the button or using the keyboard shortcut again will maximise everything that was previously minimised. 

Show desktop

PowerPoint Shortcuts 

F5: will start the presentation from the beginning.

SHIFT+F5: will restart the presentation from the current slide.

ESC: will stop the presentation.