Equipment in the classroom

Getting started with the all-in-one workstations

Windows 10 start menu

The majority of tasks, applications and files can be accessed through the 'fly out menu', found via the 'start button' at the bottom-left of the screen. 

For applications not in the fly out menu, select 'All apps' (above the start button) and this will show a list of all the applications installed on the device. 

All apps

Menu items

Start button: launches the start menu that encompasses the fly-out menu

All installed applications: clicking 'all apps' will show all the applications installed on the device in alphabetical order.

Access to local files: The 'File Explorer' will open a window that will allow you to access files stored on the computer as well as access connected devices such as USB sticks. This used to be called 'Computer' or 'My Computer' on previous  versions of Windows.

VLE and portal links: These shortcuts will open a browser and take you to the VLE or portal. 

Internet browsers: This machine has Internet Explorer and Google Chrome installed

Office applications: These shortcuts give access to Microsoft Office

Cloud storage: These links will give you access to the University provided cloud storage that you are able to store your personal work files; OneDrive for business, Solent Drive and MyFiles. Clicking these will launch a browser, you will then have to sign in using your university credentials.  Please look on the portal for more information on these.

Commonly used applications: These are shortcuts to applications that you may use in conjunction to your presentation. 

  • Panopto: The university lecture capture system, you will have had to complete the training to use this.
  • Lynx 4: Digital whiteboard software. This utilises the CleverTouch screen.
  • HoverCam Flex 10: The visualiser software used for displaying physical documents and artefacts on the screen.

Open applications: any application that is running on the machine will appear in the task bar.

Windows search: Search the web, for documents or applications by typing in this search box.