Equipment in the classroom

Getting started with the all-in-one workstations

If you encounter any technical problems with the 'All-in-one' workstations, please contact the ICT Service Desk or ext.2345.
For training, contact the Learning Technologies Helpdesk on

This guide will show the features of Windows 10 and how to access applications and resources that the University provides. This guide assumes that you are comfortable with using a computer and the Windows operating system.


The all-in-one workstations are the computers that are installed in all the teaching spaces in The Spark. All-in-one means the whole computer is located behind the screen. These workstations are touch compatible meaning that the operating system can be utilised like a Windows tablet or with the keyboard and mouse like a conventional desktop computer. The all-in-ones have Windows 10 installed on them. 

Remember that teaching spaces without the all-in-one device will function in the same way but will not have touchscreen capability.

Switching the device on

Step 1: When you arrive the machine will either be off or asleep. To turn on or wake the device push the power button located on the bottom right side of the device.

Power button

Step 2: Once the device has powered up it will display the lock screen with a digital clock in the bottom left. To get the login screen either; tap the space bar. Click the mouse or swipe up on the touch screen. 

Desktop locked

Step 3: If you have used a university machine before the login process is identical: enter your university username and password in the appropriate boxes and either press enter or click the arrow button to the right of the password box. 

Log in

Once logged in, you will see the desktop.

Windows 10 desktop

Useful shortcuts:
To s
how all open applications - Windows+TAB
To show desktop - Windows+D
To restart presentation from current slide SHIFT+F5

When you have finished using the device, you will need to log off. You will find the sign off button by clicking the start button and clicking on your name at the top of the start bar. From the list of options select sign out.