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Can I record guest speakers?

Consent form imageIf you wish record a guest speaker you will need to ask them to sign a downloadable consent form

In the first instance forms should be kept within your school or departmental office.

The consent form is to be signed by the person who has agreed to be recorded and filmed as the principal party to, or as part of, a lecture or other educational event or activity carried out within Solent University. 

The purpose of this form is to seek consent for the films and/or recordings to be taken and subsequently to be used in a number of media, including the intranet/web by Solent University.  Solent University in turn offers a commitment to only allow these recordings to be used appropriately and sensitively. 

More information can be found from JISC Legal in a 2010 document, Recording Lectures: Legal Considerations (28 July 2010).