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How do I view usage stats?

Within Panopto you can view statistics for both your unit page folders as well as individual sessions. 

Step 1: To view your module page reports go to the relevant page in SOL and click on any of the recordings in the lecture capture block.

Course settings link

Step 2: Once the Panopto website launches you will be taken to that video. Click the module folder name at the top,  you will now be presented with all the videos in that folder.

Close folder dialogue box

Step 3: View your list of the recording you have completed for the unit. To get a usage overview of videos within the unit folder click on the folder stats icon to the top right hand corner of the folder view.

Folder stats icon

Step 4: Read the reporting dialogue box which will give you an overview of the amount of users and viewing time for the folder, as well as the number of unique viewers for each recording.

Folder stats

Step 5: Drill down to each individual recording to get more detailed usage statistics by clicking on the link to the recording in the view above, or by selecting the stats icon next to the recording as in the image below:

Recording stats

This will launch the dialogue box for the individual recording where you will be able to see the number of views by day and length of time viewed. You can also see the number of views at points in the time line of the recording. 

The reporting capabilities may offer some insight which will need to be interpreted on a course and individual recording basis.

Session stats

If you scroll further down the dialogue box window you will be able to see the individual student usage, the number of times and length of viewings for each user. 

The image below has the user ids blurred for data protection.

Student views

We would be interested to hear how you understand the statistics reporting available to you. Please share your ideas via email at ltu@solent.ac.uk. 

It is appropriate that the statistics are considered on a course by course basis as well as by individual recordings. Broad assumptions may not reflect the underlying indicators that the reporting stats point to.