The basics

Why record contact time with students?

Session recordings benefits staff in several ways:

  • allows staff to record classroom content, welcome messages, screen casts and capture assignment briefs
  • recordings can be accessed by students online via SOL
  • gives you the freedom to choose what to capture during a session - it could be an audio recording to accompany PowerPoint slides or the whole room. 

How do session recordings benefit students?

  • provides an additional resource for revision
  • provides the opportunity to revisit concepts outside the classroom. 

About the sessions recording system

the ability to record your session both in the classroom and online is provided by the software company, Panopto. It is seamlessly integrated with SOL. Once a recording is completed the software will upload the video and make it available to students for viewing. 

Tutors do not need to edit the video before uploading. Contact if you'd like to explore this option however.

As a tutor you are able to see how the students are using the recordings through the video analytics.  With this information you can:

  • discover the content students are struggling with
  • address these areas in subsequent sessions. 

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