SOL tools



What is the Board?

The 'board' activity on SOL enables a post-it type, virtual board activity for students.  This is most useful as an in-class collaborative activity, where the tutor sets out a number of columns with optional names (just double click the heading) and then students add their contributions to the columns.

Postings can be dragged between columns and can include text, image, url links and YouTube videos. 

Posts are anonymous from the students perspective to provide a freedom to comment. However, staff can see the poster's identity if required.

Each post can be voted on by students with the star  - for instance ideas, comments or questions can be upvoted in a column.

Tutors can set up:

  • Closing dates for the board
  • Order of posts by date or by rating 
  • Whether rating is enabled or not

Tutors can add or delete columns, move posts between columns, download the board contents and a spreadsheet of submissions.

Students can post, edit or delete their posts. 

Each post can have a title and 250 characters of text.

Images, Videos and Links can be included in the post.

Why use the Board?

The board is a useful way of students working together when gathering information and ideas. Think of it as an electronic version of Post-it notes on a whiteboard in a classroom.

How do you create a Board?

  1. Turn editing on on your SOL page
  2. Add an activity (Board) and configure settings such as background colour (must be a hex number), background image, whether posts can be rated, closing date for posting and enabling editing placment of posts (can student move posts)
  3. Set up your columns and inform the students where the board is and ask them to contribute

It can also be used with groups to further limit access.

Unlike some of the 'free' tools available online (e.g. Padlet) the SOL Board fully meets GDPR and accessibility requirements and is hosted within the SOL system so no data leaves Solent. It is only accessible to your students on your module. 

See - Board for more information.