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Engagement reports in SOL

How to add an Engagement report block.

Student engagement report overviews can be accessed in SOL by adding an engagement block to the unit from which data is required. 

1.To add an engagement block to a unit, scroll down to 'Add a block' on the unit's homepage at the bottom of the left side menu:
Shows where the 'add a block' function is on any given unit page
2.Select 'engagement duration' from the list of blocks. This block will now appear at the bottom of the right hand menu:
Image of the Engagement Duration block

3. A Course engagement configuration tool will allow the user to select a period within a specified date range. Click on 'Calculate' and scroll down to access the engagement data for those specified date ranges.

Data offers total engagement across the date range as well as mean engagement.. There is also the option to download in an Excel format.

Individuals' names are listed at the bottom of the page in a chart, showing engagement duration and connections per day, as shown below:

Image of engagement duration data & Excel format option