SOL tools


Activity Completion

Manual checkboxes can be created next to activities so students can monitor progress through module tasks by self-checking a box like this oneimage of a checkboxthat appears on the right-hand side of the page.

The video below explains how to set up Activity Completion using manual checkboxes (from 0.00" to 2.00"). It also explains how to set up automatic checkboxes as well as how students' progress can be monitored through the tasks.  

If 'Activity Completion' has been added to tasks, it is possible to generate and access reports on SOL that show students' progress through these tasks.

Digital Badges

course completion digital badge exampleActivity completion can also be used to award Digital Badges.  Badges can be awarded to students automatically upon successfully completing a set of activities, meeting certain criteria or awarded manually by a tutor.  Digital badges can also be shared on social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

Click here for help with creating and setting up digital badges.