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Importing questions into a quiz

To be able to import a quiz into the Quiz Tool on SOL, you would first need to create a text file using Notepad or a text editor. 

I have provided and example below of how to structure and format your questions.

If questions have been created using Word Processing software, then this can be converted into text. Click on File and then click on Save As…

A Save menu will appear. Click in the Save As text field and Name your file. In the File Format Dropdown list, Select Plain text (.txt) and the Click Save

A File Conversion menu will appear. Leave the settings as default and Click OK

The converted file will be saved in your chosen folder. The screenshot on the left shows the text file format and structure.

Login to SOL and navigate and click on the Quiz. Click on the Cog and select Import

Click on the Import tab. Select Aiken format from the list and Choose a file to import and then click Import

The next screen will show that the questions have been imported. Click Continue

If a question is missing as shown below, it doesn't mean, it hasn't been added. It has still been imported. 
If questions are missing from the list, than it means there is a problem with the question e.g. syntax and format

All questions will be added to the Question bank

To add these questions to the to the Quiz. Navigate back to the Quiz and click on Edit Quiz

Click on and then select from question bank

Select the Questions from the list and click Add selected questions to the quiz

The questions will be added to the quiz

Navigate to the Quiz and click Attempt quiz now

The quiz is ready, and this is how it will be displayed