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The 'Checklist' tool allows a tutor to create a checklist for students to work through.

The students can tick off each item on the list, as it is completed and the resulting progress of the class can be monitored by the tutor. The student is also rewarded with a progress bar that shows how far through the checklist they have managed to get.

Tutors can add as many checklists as desired in any section of a SOL module page. 

Under the Assessment tab on each module, you will find a pre-populated ' hvpAssessment Checklist', which contains a number of common requirements for assessments.  We recommend you review, edit, and add any additional requirements as per your assessment's requirements.  You can also duplicate this checklist if you have more than one assessment.  Please see our video guide on how to edit the Assessment Checklist.

To learn more about how assessment checklists can support student achievement, see our video here on 'Beating the attainment gap'.

How to create a checklist in SOL

It's easy to create a checklist that students can use to assess progress towards learning outcomes etc. To create one:

1. In SOL, click Add an activity or resource and then in the 'Resources' section, select Checklist from the list.

2. Checklist items can be created by writing them in the box and then clicking Add as in the screenshot below (on the right-hand side, there are icons for editing, deleting or moving checklist items on the list):

screenshot of the Add button

3. Useful URLs can also be added to each of the checklist items by pasting into the 'Link to' box:

screenshot of the Link to option

4. The URL links will appear as blue icons next to the checklist items as in the screenshot below:

screenshot of the URL icons

See - Checklist for more information.