SOL tools



The 'Checklist' tool allows a tutor to create a checklist for their students to work through.

The students can tick off each item on the list, as they complete it and the resulting progress of the class can be monitored by the tutor. The student is also rewarded with a progress bar that shows how far through the checklist they have managed to get.

There is a hidden empty checklist embedded in every SOL unit page under the 'Assessment' tab. If you do use it, don't forget to 'unhide'.

Tutors can add as many checklists as desired any section of a SOL unit page. 

Further guidance on writing fit to submit checklists can be found on the beating the attainment gap project page.

Top tip: To use the same checklist across multiple units - create the checklist in a spreadsheet file and import it into the 'Checklist' tool. These are two example checklists to view, that can also be saved and imported in to the 'Checklist' tool. 

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