SOL tools


Audio clips

Audio is a very powerful tool to use, allowing students, for example to catch up on lectures they missed, learn from podcasts, or improve their language skills. 

There are three ways to add audio to a SOL page: 

  1. Linking to a sound file online elsewhere - using the 'URL' tool to link to the relevant page on the internet. 
  2. Uploading audio - drag and drop the audio file onto the SOL page or upload from a computer using the 'Files' tool.  
  3. Embedding a sound file in its own player - using the SOL 'Text editor' select the 'Media' button or 'HTML' button to embed code. 

Remember: You should only use content that you have the rights to use. If you are unclear on what this includes, go to Copyright matters, Media Resources on the Portal.

For more information, see - Audio