SOL tools

Communication tools


The 'Chat' tool allows tutors to:

  • have real-time synchronous discussion via a SOL page
  • have an instant chat with students online on a set date and time
  • to save past chat sessions so content can be reviewed, summarised and shared.
Top tip: This can be a great way to communicate with students away from the classroom environment and can involve all students or a specific group.  

Chat Bubble

Instant feedback, information or formative assessment of an individual or individuals can be gathered by sending a quick message In SOL using the Chat Bubble which is at the top of the screen next to  the user's name: 

screenshot of the Chat bubble

In the 'Search' field, the name of the student can be typed and then selected:

screenshot of the search field

The person who has been messaged will then be sent an immediate email notification.

Live 'Chat' Tool

Text-based discussions in real time are possible with the 'Chat' tool in SOL. The screenshot below shows how to set up these discussions to be one-offs or repeated at the same time either daily or weekly. Chats can also be set up so that the tutor and all students can refer back to past chat sessions as in the screenshot below:

screenshot of the Chat settings

The chat function is useful for:

  • providing a real-time group space for Q and A or to share experiences and opinions
  • using the above to make real-time formative assessments on a group or individuals
  • providing a space for students who may have been absent to raise questions and queries
  • creating a centralised space to build a record of module-based discussions

For more information, see - Chat