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Sharing cart

The 'Sharing cart' allows a resource or activity to be shared amongst SOL pages; simply add the 'Sharing cart' block to the units that need resources sharing with.  

  1. Click the 'Copy to Sharing Cart' in the 'Edit' drop-down menu next to resource. 
  2. The resource will appear in the 'Sharing Cart' block which then be used on other units by clicking 'Copy to Course'.

For more information, - Sharing cart (see section on Operation). 

Using Sharing Cart to copy a tab to another module

1. Firstly Turn editing on on the course where the source tab is.

2. If the course/module does not already have the sharing cart (you can check by looking for the block in the right-hand side of the page), then 
Add a block by clicking on the button in the bottom of the left-hand menu in SOL

3. Choose Sharing Cart from the list.

4. A Sharing Cart block will now appear on the right-hand side of the page. Go to the tab you want to copy and click on Edit Section in the top right-hand corner of the tab.

5. Select Copy to Sharing Cart.

Click OK on the following prompt.

6. Go to the target page where you want to copy the tab and add a new blank tab.

7. Again, if the course/module does not already have the sharing cart, add it to the target page by choosing Add a block as before.

8. Now click on the icon in the Sharing Cart to the right of the tab name.

9. At the bottom of the new tab you have created there will be a rectangle, click on this to import the tab.

10. Select the second option if you wish to import into the blank tab.

11. Click Continue and the copy will complete.

The same process can be applied to an individual resource or activity.  Simply ensure that you have the sharing cart on both pages (the source and the destination) and add the resource/activity to the sharing, go to the destination and then copy the resource/activity to the 'course' (page).