Session Recordings (Panopto)

Panopto session recordings for students information

Using Panopto for assignments

If your tutor requests that your assignment should be recorded via Panopto, you can either use any Univerisity lectern computer or you can download the recorder to your own device by going to and logging in with your university credentials.  

In the menu at the top right, you will be given the link to download the recorder (Download Panopto):

You will need to select the appropriate installer. Run the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are installing on a PC, ensure that the Panopto Web Server address reads as shown here:

panopto web server address

You will then be prompted to sign in via Solent Online Learning:

sign into panopto

If you are installing on a Mac, you will be prompted to input the server address.  Enter this address into the server box:

You must then select to Sign on with Solent Online Learning

Sign into Panopto using the Solent Online Learning option

After signing in, your internet browser may prompt you to open the Panopto recorder as shown here:

open panopto

Once the Panopto recorder has opened, click on My Folder.  Although the main 'year' folder looks greyed out, click on the black triangle icon to open it.  You can then click the black triangle icon to open the main unit folder. 

You need select the correct folder to record into. Your tutor will have firstly set up a special [assignments] folder for you to record into within Panopto.  In the example below, 'BUS603_4198379035:Business Project (BUS603) [assignments]' will be selected.


You can also search for the code of the unit and the word 'assignments' by typing into this area on a PC:

panopto PC search bar

And here on a Mac:

search for the folder you wish to record into

You will have access to record into this folder and this recording is private to you and your tutor. You can view, amend and delete your own recordings in this folder but will not be able to see any other content in this folder.

When you are ready to create your recording, click here.