Further technical help

Saving your work


Students have access to OneDrive as part of their Solent University account. OneDrive offers up to 1TB of storage per student, and can be accessed off site, giving you the flexibility to work where and when you want to. If you start your work on campus it will be there when you get home, just where you left it.

OneDrive also offers collaboration, with easy file sharing. The online interface will allow you to track contributors’ changes, and you no longer need to worry about multiple copies as you are all editing the same document.

OneDrive can be accessed via your Office365 web app, or by clicking the icon in the Start menu of any Windows 10 PC on campus. Files can be dragged and dropped onto folders to store them.

If you use the OneDrive app on a mobile device, please ensure that it is suitably protected and note that if you choose to sync without being connected to a wireless network, you may use up a lot of mobile data.


You can share files with anyone who has an Office 365 log in or Microsoft account. You can also use the 'guest link' option, although in this case the file will be viewable, but not downloadable.

Please be aware that using the ‘share’ feature may make your document available to anyone in the world, as links may be forwarded on without your permission. 

If you want to share documents it is highly recommended that you use the ‘invite people’ option instead, with ‘require sign-in’ ticked. Sharing in this way gives you more control over who can access your documents.

Closing of accounts

Please be aware that if you leave the University and your account is deleted, your OneDrive document library will also be deleted.

Intended use

OneDrive for Business is intended as storage for university related content. 

Please note that when sharing with external contacts you should follow all University policies regarding information-sharing with third parties, including the Data Protection Policy.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that their usage of the service is compliant with all University policies, including the IT Acceptable Use Policy and the Data Protection Policy, which should be read in conjunction with the Student Regulations/Charter.