Further technical help

Saving your work

USB flash drives

Flash Drives are really useful for moving work between computers, however you should never rely on them to store documents as they can easily become lost or damaged.  Always make a copy of a file in a second location. 

If you find a USB somebody has left behind, please hand it in to the Learning Technology helpdesk on the second floor of the Library or post it in the silver post box on the wall by the exit of the library. The found USB could contain work vital to passing a unit or course so the helpdesk staff will make every effort to identify and contact the owner from the contents on the device e.g. a CV or similar. To assist in this it is a good idea to create a simple Word file that just contains your name and save it to any new USB stick you intend to use.

Staff will keep the device for 3 months and if they are unable to identify the owner or make contact then the device will be securely disposed of.