Further technical help

Saving your work

Cloud storage

You now have access to OneDrive as part of your Solent University account. 

OneDrive allows you to make changes especially from a device that is not your usual work environment. You will have the same functionality wherever you access your files: 

  • 1TB of cloud storage for each student. Store all your work without having to worry about loosing your data. The cloud is secure and backed up and so is all your work, there is even a handy recycling bin if you accidentally delete something.
  • Access files off-site. Access all your files from anywhere in the world, giving you the flexibility to work where  and when you want to. If you start your work on campus it will be there when you get home, just where you left it.
  • Collaboration with easy file sharing. This online interface will not only allow you to track contributors’ changes, you no longer need to worry about multiple copies as you are all editing the same document and the formatting will look the same on every device you work on it. 

Additionally you can use your own cloud storage solution such as Dropbox through a web interface. And if you only have a small file why not email a copy if you need a secondary backup.

Click here to access OneDrive or click on the OneDrive link in the start menu.