Connecting to the wifi in the library



SolentNet provides an excellent level of performance in all areas, including high-density areas such as the Library where the number of simultaneous device connections is greater. As well as being fully pervasive, the wireless has been designed to be highly resilient so if one access point fails, there will be another close by to use.

How to connect to SolentNet

To connect to SolentNet just select it from your list of available wireless networks. It will ask you for a username and password.  This is the same username and password you use to connect to the Portal. You will then need to accept any certificates you’re asked to and then you should be able to connect. 

Please note, if using Android, please ensure that Phase 2 authentication is set to MSCHAP V2.

Any problems, come and see Learning Technologies helpdesk, Floor 2 Library with your device.