Printing in the library

Print, scan & copy

Printing from graphical packages

General points to consider when printing from graphical packages.

Word Files

Word is not designed to hold an unlimited number of images and if too many are inserted it can lead to printing problems.  If you have inserted a large number of pictures into a Word document ensure that, after you have saved it in the normal way, you then save it as an .eps or .pdf file before attempting to print it.  If you are unsure how to do this, ask at the help desk, before trying to print the file.

Paper versus document size

It is important to remember that our printers are only configured for A3 and/or A4 size paper whereas you may be printing documents of A5, A6 or a non-standard business card size. In this instance the document/canvas size can be set to the required size but when at the printing stage you must select either A3 or A4 and trim any surplus paper. Most modern graphic packages have a preview option so you can see any discrepancies before submitting the job to print.

If you require an unusual size of paper or printing to the edges, visit the Canon Print Centre in the basement of the Mountbatten library.

Correct printer

It is crucial that you select the correct printer for your requirements to avoid wasting a lot of time and money. Each resource centre has a number of laser printers allowing colour or black and white printing.

If the printer can print colour it will have the word colour in its title. Likewise, if the printer has A3 in the title it will cater for A3 paper. Note that some of our printers hold both A3 and A4 paper and are set to automatically use the size paper requested.


Orientation for the document, you created in the graphic software, and the paper you are printing on, work independently so it is crucial that they are set to suit your requirement. There are occasions when the document is required in portrait and the paper in landscape.

Many graphic packages have a print preview option which will give a visual indication of any discrepancies before submitting the job to print.