Printing in the library

Print, scan & copy

Web print (via the internet)

You can print PDF, MS Office and most picture files (including bmp, gif, jpeg, png and tiff) from mobile and personal devices. However, we do recommend using PDF for printing. PDFs are efficient, print faster and produce more accurate results.

Web to print is the quickest and simplest way to print from a mobile or remote device:

  1. Login to

  2. Select web print.

  3. Click on submit a job.

  4. Choose one of the following printers:

    pmpsprt01\Web Print (B&W Only) - Black and white print from any Canon device.
    pmpsprt01\Web Print (Colour) - Colour print from any Canon device.

  5. Select 2. Print options and account selection.

  6. Enter the number of copies and click 3. Upload documents.

  7. Drag or select the documents you want to print.

  8. Click Upload and Complete.

  9. Please wait a few minutes for the print job to be processed.

  10. Go to any available device and release your print as normal.

Please note jobs will only print A4 double sided. If you require any different options you will need to login to a university computer.