Printing in the library

Print, scan & copy

Check or increase your balance

You can check your current balance and a short history of recent print jobs from any student machine by clicking on the link to, which is above the balance in the Papercut window.


When you print, costs are debited from the your print account. The account must be in credit in order to print or copy.

First year students receive an initial print quota of £2.50. When this is used up you must purchase extra print quota online. You pay for printing and photocopying via PaperCut online. Printing will still be done on campus but you can make payments on and off site.

Adding credit to your print account

To top-up your print credit. go to log in with your university username and click on the Add Credit link, select the amount you wish to add from the drop-down menu.  Then follow the prompts on screen.

You can use PayPal, Electron, Delta, Switch, Maestro (UK only), MasterCard or Visa. The minimum amount you can add is 50p.

Note that the University does not take cash payments for printing.