Printing in the library

Print, scan & copy

All the computers in the library have access to high quality laser printers that print both colour and black and white. These are called multifunctional print devices (MFD's). 

The print services on these computers use the MyPrint solution which means all jobs go to a single virtual print queue. When you release a print using MyPrint, the job is transferred to the specific printer queue.  There is a short delay whilst the job is moved. 

  1. So to print, ensure MyPrint is selected under the 'Printer' option and then click Print. Wait a moment, then a pop-up window will ask for you username and password.
  2. Go to any printer in the library and log in to the device (or scan your student card) and you will see the print in the 'jobs' queue. Select the 'job' and click Print or simply click Print all.

Using this technique makes the service secure and confidential. It also means, that if your nearest device if busy or not working, you can simply go to another device. Just remember that the service will only queue your print job for 24 hours before removing it without charge.

The library printers only print on A4 and A3 sized paper. For other print sizes or formats, speak with the Canon Print Centre.

Default print settings

All printers print by default in mono (black and white) and on both sides of the page (duplex or double sided).

If you want to print in colour or on just one side of the page, then you must go into the print settings and select the correct options. The settings give access to a wealth of options and features.

Print costs

Costs for print and copy are as follows:

Print costs

Scanning and copying

Scanning is free and easy to use. The University encourages everyone to save money and the environment by scanning documents and sharing them electronically, rather than copying.

The easiest way to access this service is to use the 'scan to email' function, which will send the document direct to your University email address. 

  1. To access the scanning functions, login to the device (or scan your student card) and press Use copier and click Next.
  2. Click Scan & Send.
  3. Click Send to myself.
  4. Check the settings suit your requirements.
  5. Put the document face down on the glass, press the 'green' button to start scanning.  Continue you do this for as many pages as required before sending. This will generate only one email and when finished, click Send
  6. If putting pages through the feeder, once finished, the scan will send automatically.