The SOL Baseline


To the left hand side of your page, you will find a number of activity blocks including:

  • Activities
  • Upcoming events
  • Recent activity
  • Lecture capture
  • Key contacts
  • Administration

Activities block

The activities block shows you the different activity tools that are being used in the Unit such as Assignments, Forums, Resources, Quizzes etc. 

  • Click on the individual tools to land on a page with just these activities as a quick way to find an activity when out of the unit content pages. 

You do not need to add anything to this area as it is self populated and the list will grow as you add activities to your unit. 

Recent Activities panel

Key Contacts block

This displays a list of users on your unit with various customisable methods for communicating with them. It provides quick links to Email, Message or the Telephone of each user. 

  • Go to Edit Settings to show or hide users by their role.

The circular button near the username will also allow you to see who is currently online (blue button), or offline (grey button)

Key Contacts Panel

Upcoming Events block

Events are generated directly from the calendar and/or activity deadlines such as Turnitin, providing a link to full details or directly to the activity. 

  • Click on a date to go to the day-view calendar for that day. 
  • Click on the title of the event to go to that event (if it is a link)

Recent Activity block

The Recent activity block lists:

  • course activity, such as updated resources and activities
  • forum posts 
  • assignment submissions, since the user last accessed the course. 

Enabling the Recent Activity Block will show participants updates since they last accessed the course. Without it (unless you go out of your way to notify them) students and colleagues are prone to miss the changes you make e.g. modifications or additions, because they don't have an exact memory of that course as they last left it and because they have no way of knowing when to look for a change. 

Just like the party game! 

  • everybody except one leaves a room
  • remaining person changes just one thing
  • everybody comes back and has to spot the thing that changed

The Recent Activity Block can relieve a lot of anxiety in students who are worried about missing something important and displays a tweet button which you can use to alert students of new content. 

Engagement Duration block

This block allows you to select a date range and see the length of time that a user has been active in the Unit.

Engagement Duration