The SOL Baseline

The Overview Tab


Your welcome section is important as this helps sets the tone of the unit and gives the student additional information. It is worth considering the questions that the students will be asking when they first arrive at the unit. Putting ourselves in the students' shoes, what will they need to know about your unit? 

Here are some questions students will need to know the answers to:

  1. Where do I go to first?
  2. How do I navigate?
  3. What should I do with all this stuff?
  4. Must I do everything?
  5. What choices do I have?
  6. Who will help me?
  7. How do I know if I am making progress?
  8. Are there key activities that must be done and how will I know about them?
  9. Whom am I learning with?

You could create a short video which explains these things directly to the students or write these in the welcome area.

Suggestions for content for your welcome section: 

  • an explanation for students around navigating through the unit 
  • directions to the main tabs and where to get started. 
  • expectations regarding the number of hours of study that the students will need to commit to
  • how to contact you and your unit team. 
Communication tools:

  • the Key Contacts Block shows your profile photo as well as the option for students to Email or message you. 
  • the Frequently Asked Questions forum for questions about the course work and assessments
  • the Forum (in Keep in touch Tab) for student introductions, an initial icebreaker activity, link to their or blogs.

Welcome Video Ideas


Introducing yourself with the video message

Recording with Panopto, mobile phone, ipad, android device

Communicating to the students when you will be online and lead by example

Announcement, discussion/forums, calendar etc

Communicate expectations

Learning outcomes, course documentation, rubrics

Icebreaker activity -  builds community, could link to LO etc

Blog, discussion/forum, quiz

Induction and orientation


Digital literacy task as part of Induction, introduce the tools that will be used in the Unit

Blog, eportfolio, discussion/forum, creating videos

Signpost support for students

Programme support area, student orientation, library help, student moodle help