Getting started

Adding labels

Labels are very versatile and can help to improve the appearance of a unit/page if used thoughtfully. It can serve as 'spacer' content between other activities and resources to divide up into smaller chunks. It can be used to add text, images, multimedia or code in between other resources in the different sections. 

Keep it simple - labels are designed to help organise information . 

To add a label:

1. Go to your unit and Turn editing on.

Turn editing on

2. In any page, click the Add an activity or resource button at the bottom right of the page.

Add an activity or resource

3. Click on Label, found in the 'Resources' section and then click Add.

Add a label

4. Use any option available with the text editor.  This could simply be text (shown below) and then click Save and return to course.

Add text to a label

There are two ways to add images.  The simplest is to 'drag and drop' the image from your file explorer folders into the text editor area (shown below). The image will appear and then click Save and return to course.

Image shows adding an image by drag and drop