Getting started

Enrolment self-service for staff

How to unenrol from a batch of modules

For Unit Leaders, it is not possible to unenrol via SOL. Please make the request via email to Student Registry ( to unenrol.  They will remove you from the system on Quercus, which will in turn, remove you automatically from the unit on SOL. 

1. For all other roles, in the main menu bar at the top of SOL, click your name in the top right hand corner then select Enrolment self-service from the dropdown menu.

Dropdown menu

2. On the self-enrolment homepage, scroll down the page and click Unenrol form units:

Unenrol form units

3. The units you are currently enrolled on will be displayed. Click the checkboxes to the left hand side of the units you wish to be removed from (one or more), then click Unenrol from units.

Select units to unenrol

4. Click on Confirm and the unenrolment process will be complete.