Getting started

Enrolment self-service for staff

How to enrol onto modules

1. In the main menu bar at the top of SOL, click your name in the top right hand corner then select Enrolment self-service from the dropdown menu. 

Dropdown menu

2. Read the instructions on screen.  Select the role required and then click on Select role

3. Search for the required unit then click the radio button (circle) to the left of the appropriate unit and click Select unit. Pay particular attention to the dates as there may be several instances of the same unit.

Select the unit

4.  Accept the confirmation on the next page (Click Confirm).  

If the tutor role was selected the enrolment process will be complete and the unit will appear on your SOL dashboard.  

If unit leader was selected, an email will go to the school executive officer for confirmation before being added to Quercus. The enrolment will become live the next working day after it has been added to Quercus.