Getting started

Enrolment self-service for staff

This feature allows you to enrol yourself onto units. The staff enrolment self-service is found by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and a drop down menu will appear.

Certain units have been excluded from this service and won't appear in the search results because they may contain sensitive data. For example, Health, Social Work and Educational units.  If you need access to these, please contact ext.5100 or email

Important things to remember when using the enrolment self-service

  • Units can be searched for by using the unit code, the unit title or the instance code
  • Courses can also be searched for by using part/all of the exact title of the course
  • It is important that you only enrol yourself onto units you are teaching or second marking on. As a precaution, the Unit leader will receive an email alerting them of any new self-service enrolments.
  • Unenrolling from units that are infrequently accessed can help with speeding up the login process; you can always re-enrol if you need access once again. However, unit leaders cannot unenrol in this way, only other types of roles.  

For unit leaders, it is not possible to unenrol via SOL. Please make the request via email to Student Registry ( to unenrol.  They will remove you from the system on Quercus, which will in turn, remove you automatically from the unit on SOL.