Uploading & submitting

How to submit via OneDrive with 'Request Files'

If you have to upload large-size files (>1gb), your lecturer may request that you submit these directly to a folder in OneDrive.  

If you are asked to submit files in this way, your lecturer will send you a link to upload the files to OneDrive.


1. Click on the link.  

You will be taken into OneDrive on your web browser.  Your lecturer will include a description of what needs to be uploaded.  

2. Click 'Select Files' 

select files

When you click 'Select Files', your file finder will open.  You can then select a file to upload to the folder.  If you are submitting multiple files, click 'Add more files'.  

There is no upload limit for files submitted to OneDrive, but please do not submit overly-large files, as these will take longer to upload

Before you select 'Upload', you must include your first and last name in the appropriate boxes.

select your files and enter your name

Depending on the size of your files and your internet speed, your files may take a significant time to upload.  See our resources here regarding upload times for different file sizes.

3. As your files upload, you will see a progress bar appear on your screen.  Please do not close the window as your files are uploading.

progress bar for uploads

When your files have finished uploading, you will receive a confirmation message. 

4. If you want to upload additional files, click 'Upload more'

confirmation that files are uploaded

Please note:  Your submission time will be recorded at the time when your files have finished uploading.  Because of this, it is essential that you begin uploading with plenty of time.  If your files finish their upload after the deadline has passed, they may be considered late.

If you need to make a change to an uploaded file prior to the deadline, please inform your lecturer and upload the newest version of the document using the instructions above.  Previous versions of the file will need to be deleted by your lecturer.

If you encounter the message below, it means that there has been an error in completing your upload.  

something went wrong, please try again

If you see this message, please try your upload again.  If the late submission period has passed, it may be because your lecturer has disabled the link, and you will not be able to submit.