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Book: Getting started on SOL
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Date: Wednesday, 1 December 2021, 3:51 PM


This book contains all the student help information for Solent Online Learning.


What is SOL?

SOL provides online access to course materials as part of your learning experience at Solent University. You can participate in forums to communicate with your peers and your lecturers and use SOL for submitting online assessments.

You can also gain access to many useful resources such as Succeed@Solent, which gives you advice and guidance on achieving the most from your studies. Or Succeed@Careers which gives you carefully selected advice, videos, careers information and PDFs. 

If you don’t find the answer you need, click on the contact button under the Help tab at the top of every page on SOL. Submit your query, and a Learning Technologies Advisor will get back to you. Alternatively, come and see us at the Learning Technologies Helpdesk on Floor 2 of the Mountbatten Library.

If you aren't seeing the units you are expecting, have you finished your official enrolment process?  If yes, check the following morning and your units should come through to your SOL home page automatically.  If they do not appear, contact the Student Hub on or telephone 023 8201 5200.

Logging in

Log in boxGo to and login using your normal University login and password (sent to you when you first joined Solent). 

After logging in, you will then see your SOL homepage. This page displays the course and unit pages that you are subscribed to. You should be automatically subscribed to the right pages on SOL. Click on the names to access them. If you do not have access to a required unit, please contact the Student Hub in the first instance, and if they are unsure, ask them to contact Student Registry to check your official student record.

Please note: Some pages may not appear until the following day after your first log in. If you are still unable to see every unit you expect to after this short delay, please contact the Student Hub.

Logging in from home

You can login from home. Just go to as normal. If you have problems when accessing SOL from home, check your 'Security Settings' and make sure that 'Cookies are enabled'. SOL also uses pop-up windows to display some resources. If you can't see some resources, make sure that your browser is not blocking these pop-ups.

Last years unit pages

It is not possible to remove yourself from previous units.  There are two reasons:

Navigation and structure

SOL has been structured to allow you to navigate easily between your units and courses. It consists of course and unit pages (and possibly other course/programme resource pages, set up by your course team).

Course pages are spaces where general course information can be displayed. This can include course structures, course meeting notes, news relating to exam timetables, assessment guidelines and a space for communication between all students and staff involved in a particular course. This page is populated by your course team.

Unit pages are spaces for tutors and students to access and post any information about that particular unit, so the information and resources are more specific and tailored. You will also find your unit descriptor, your unit team under key contacts and assessment information under the Assessment tab. These pages are populated by your course team.

Home page

Your home page consists of a central panel where you can access your course page, units and other resources. The simplest view is to use the tab called Courses.  There are then three further tabs: In progress, Future and Past.  You will find any current course page/units/resources under the In progress tab, any units that are dated in the future (but within 30 days of the start date) will be under the Future tab and old units will be under the Past tab.

Home page

Site layout

Sites on SOL consist of a 'central area' which contains learning materials along with 'blocks' on the left hand side (and sometimes the right).  In the central area, clicking on the links take you to various learning materials and resources. 

The 'blocks' that you see will depend on how your lecturer has set out the unit. Some of the main blocks include Activities, Quickmail, Lecture capture, Key Contacts, etc.

If you don't see these blocks then you may have clicked the 'Toggle fullscreen content mode'.  Click again to see the whole page and not just the content.

ToggleToggle fullscreen

Navigating around SOL

Use the breadcrumb trail just underneath the banner to navigate around the site. Clicking Home will return you to your SOL front page.

Breadcrumb trail

Minimum Browser Requirements

Browser requirements for SOL

SOL uses pop-up windows to display some resources. If you are having difficulty viewing resources from home, make sure that your browser is not blocking these pop-ups. It also requires that your browser is set to accept cookies. If you have high security settings at home, you may need to adjust these when using SOL or add it as a trusted site. 

To get the best out of our online services we recommend:

Minimum web browser requirements: Although Solent Online Learning will work with a wide range of web browsers, we recommend that you always make sure you have the most up to date version of whichever browser you use. You can usually find version information and update buttons in the "About" section of a browser's settings. For mobile and tablet devices make sure you update the browser and operating system when prompted by the manufacturer.

Broadband Internet: faster than 2Mbs download speed recommended.
To check your broadband speed:

Browser plug-insAdobe Reader (for PDF documnets).

Mobile Access

There are many different ways that you can access and use Solent University's online services - such as SOL - on your mobile devices.


There are a lot of benefits from having the app such as:

  • Activities and resources can be downloaded and used offline.
  • Upload and download files.
  • Interact with course material.
  • Get alerts for course updates and tutors.

Follow these links to download the Moodle mobile app on both iOS and Android

SOL on a smartphone

1. Log in using the site address and then your normal account details to go to your own profile page and units.

2. This is your home page. Click on the unit links to access. From Here you will be able to access all of your course units content.

3. This is the view within a course/unit page.

SOL on a tablet

1. Log in using the site address and then your normal account details to go to your own profile page and units.

2. This is your home page. Click on the unit links to access. From Here you will be able to access all of your course units content.

3. This is the view within a course/unit page.

Further Support

If you require any further support on getting started with SOL, you can come to the Learning Technologies helpdesk (Floor 2 Library) and see us or call on 023 8201 3340, email on  

For other enquiries, please contact the Student Hub on or telephone 023 8201 5200.