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Solent Online Learning for students

This book contains all the student help information for Solent Online Learning.

Site: Solent Online Learning
Course: Student Support for Online Learning Technologies
Book: Solent Online Learning for students
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Date: Wednesday, 18 July 2018, 2:14 AM

Getting started

What is Solent Online Learning?

Solent Online Learning provides online access to course materials as part of your learning experience at Southampton Solent University. You can participate in forums to communicate with your peers and your lecturers and use Solent Online Learning for submitting online assessments.

Through Solent Online Learning you can gain access to many useful resources such as Succeed@Solent, which gives you advice and guidance on achieving the most from your studies. Or Succeed@Careers which gives you carefully selected advice, videos and careers information PDFs. 

Ground Rules

Terms and Conditions of using Solent Online Learning (SOL) and associated systems, including but not limited to SOL (Moodle), myPortfolio (Mahara), Turnitin, Panopto (Lecture Capture), Medial (video service), Open Solent (Moodle) and connected integrated systems.

By accessing, participating on, or otherwise using Solent Online Learning and associated systems, you agree that you will not post any content that:

  1. Contains offensive, profane, harassing, defamatory, inappropriate, racist, threatening, infringing, obscene, or unlawful material;
  2. Contains slanderous or libelous comments about other SSU users, SSU employees, or other individuals;
  3. Contains personal information about any individual;
  4. Violates the privacy of any other individual or entity;
  5. Contains viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may adversely affect the operation of SSU's system or a third party's computer;
  6. Undermines the operation of a forum, chat room, or other feature; or
  7. Contains unauthorized copies of third parties' works. Please read Copyright Matters for more information.
    In addition:
  8. You are also bound by the Regulations, Disclaimer, Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy and the Management of Information Policy.
  9. For the protection of your safety and privacy, please read the Guidelines for Using Social Networking Sites.
  10.  Solent University has published a number of privacy notices in accordance with GDPR regulations which can be found here:

Data Retention

Unit content, including assignment submissions, may be kept up to two years after the unit instance end date has elapsed. This is intended to provide students with the opportunity to revisit and review content to support their overall course of study. Please refer to the Take-Down Policy should any content require removal during this period.

Logging in

Log in boxGo to and login using your normal University login and password.  

More information about your University login can be found on the Portal Username and Passwords.  If you have forgotten your password, visit the Portal page Password Self Service.

After logging in, you will then see your Solent Online Learning (SOL) homepage. This page displays the course and unit pages that you are subscribed to. You should be automatically subscribed to the right pages on Solent Online Learning. Click on the names to access them. If you do not have access to a required unit, please contact your lecturer or the Student Hub in the first instance, and if they are unsure ask them to contact Student Records.

Please note: Some pages may not appear until the following working day after your first log in. If you are still unable to see every unit you expect to after this short delay, please contact the Student Hub.

Logging in from home

You can login from home. Just go to as normal. If you have problems when accessing Solent Online Learning from home, check your 'Security Settings' and make sure that 'Cookies are enabled'. Solent Online Learning also uses pop-up windows to display some resources - if you can't see some resources, make sure that your browser is not blocking these pop-ups.

Last years unit pages

It is not possible to remove yourself from previous units.  There are two reasons:

Navigation & Structure

Solent Online Learning has been structured to allow you to navigate easily between your units and courses. Solent Online Learning consists of course and unit pages (and possibly other course/programme resource pages, set up by your course team).

Course pages are spaces where general course information can be displayed. This can include course structures, course meeting notes, news relating to exam timetables, assessment guidelines and a space for communication between all students and staff involved in a particular course.

Unit pages are spaces for tutors and students to access and post any information about that particular unit, so the information is more specific and tailored. You will also find your unit descriptor, unit team, any assessment information and links on your unit pages.

Solent Online Learning site layout

Sites on Solent Online Learning consist of a central area which contains learning materials along with blocks on either left and/or right sides.  In the central area, clicking on the links take you to various learning materials. Icons by each link tell you what the learning material is. 

The blocks that you see will depend on how your lecturer has set out the unit. Some of the main blocks include Activities, Messenger, Calendar and Useful Links.

Toggle buttonIf you don't see these blocks then you may have clicked the 'Toggle fullscreen content mode'.  Click again to see the whole page and not just the content.

Navigating around Solent Online Learning

Use the breadcrumb trail just underneath the banner to navigate around the site. Clicking Home will return you to your Solent Online Learning front page.

Minimum Browser Requirements

Browser requirements for Solent Online Learning and Turnitin

Solent Online Learning uses pop-up windows to display some resources. If you are having difficulty viewing resources from home, make sure that your browser is not blocking these pop-ups. Solent Online Learning also requires that your browser is set to accept cookies. If you have high security settings at home, you may need to adjust these when using Solent Online Learning, or add it as a trusted site.

To get the best out of our online services we recommend:

Minimum web browser requirements: Although Solent Online Learning will work with a wide range of web browsers, we recommend that you always make sure you have the most up to date version of whichever browser you use. You can usually find version information and update buttons in the "About" section of a browser's settings. For mobile and tablet devices make sure you update the browser and operating system when prompted by the manufacturer.

Broadband Internet: faster than 2Mbs download speed recommended.
To check your broadband speed:

Browser Plug-ins: Adobe Reader (for PDF docs), Adobe Flash (for some video and interactive content) - click the relevant link to get the most up to date free plug-ins.


For individual learning support or assistive technology, please view the information available from AccessSolent.

Printing and saving

Most resources on Solent Online Learning can be printed and saved in the same way as webpages using the 'File and Print/Save' options.

For more information about printing, see The Print Centre.

Mobile Access

There are many different ways that you can access and use Solent University's online services - such as Solent Online Learning - on your mobile devices.


There are a lot of benefits from having the app such as:

  • Activities and resources can be downloaded and used offline.
  • Upload and download files.
  • Interact with course material.
  • Get alerts for course updates and tutors.

You can download the Moodle mobile app on both iOS and Android.  Follow the links and download the application. 

Solent Online Learning on a smartphone

Log in using the site address and then your normal account details to go to your own profile page and units.

This is your home page. Click on the unit links to access. From Here you will be able to access all of your course units content

This is the view within a course/unit page. 

Solent Online Learning on a tablet

Log in using the site address and then your normal account details to go to your own profile page and units.

This is your home page. Click on the unit links to access. From Here you will be able to access all of your course units content.

This is the view within a course/unit page.

If there are any issues with the way Solent Online Learning displays on your device, please email and include the name, model and browser used.

Using Solent Online Learning

There are many tools available on Solent Online Learning, all designed to assist and enhance your learning experience. Different lecturers will use Solent Online Learning in different ways.  In the following chapters there are some tools that you can use to customise your experience, as well as an introduction to the text editor and the forums.

Customise your page

It is possible to set up your home page so that the most current and relevant courses and units are at the top of your page.  To do this, simply click on the Customise this page button.

Customise your page

You can move the 'blocks' up and down until you have them in the desired order. Use the arrows to drag and drop the blocks into the correct place.

Move the blocks around

Under the Current Pages and Archive Pages headings, you will see that you can change the number of course to display, using the drop down menu.

Number of courses to display

Archive Pages are toward the bottom of your front page, and units from previous academic years will be automatically moved there when the academic year concludes. You will continue to have access to these previous units for revision purposes but you just won't see them on your home page.


If you want to add additional information about yourself, you can do this by editing your 'Profile', which will be visible to anyone with access to Solent Online Learning.

You can get to your profile page from anywhere where you can see your name, highlighted in blue, or from the top-right of Solent Online Learning by clicking on your name (in some views a small version of your profile picture), and selecting "Profile" from the drop-down menu. Select the 'Edit Profile' option, which will take you to a page that allows you to add information, as well as change your profile image.

HTML editor

The HTML editor screen appears whenever your need to add content to Solent Online Learning (e.g replying to a forum post, editing a journal or contributing to a wiki). You can just type text, or use the icons to add additional content and formatting.

HTML editor

Pasting text from elsewhere

You can cut and paste text from other Windows applications such as Microsoft Word straight into the editor, and your formatting will be preserved. Just use the "Tx" button to remove some of the formatting from your pasted text: Word clean icon

If you make a mistake, use the undo and redo buttons!  Undo and redo buttons

Inserting Images

In your journals and assignments, you can choose to display images from your online photo-sharing account (e.g flickr, photobucket, picasa). Find the URL for your image by right clicking on the image, selecting properties and copying the Address URL.

Then, select the Insert Image icon insert image and enter the address in the Image URL box.

You can also browse for the image within your own computer files or USB stick. Just click on Browse Repositories.

Insert an image

You can use the layout options to change the alignment of the image, add a border, spacing etc.

Inserting video

If you see this icon Video icon you can insert video from various places online, such as YouTube. Just click on Browse Repositories

Insert video

You can browse for the video within your own computer files or USB stick or click on the YouTube repository link or any other online file storage places you have such as Google Docs, etc.

Other useful icons

Full screen toggle - Switch to full screen

special character - Insert custom characters and symbols


Forums are a great way to communicate with other students. They are referred to as 'asynchronous' which means that, unlike chatting online or messaging, there is sometimes a long period of time between posts. So you can think for a while about the previous post before you reply. Forums can last for a few hours or a few months! This is great if you want to continue discussing a difficult concept after a seminar, or if you just want a space to post any queries that you have about one unit throughout the entire year.

Your lecturers have access to a News & Alerts forum which is a one-way messaging service.  It means that your lecturer can send you important annoucements which will come through the Solent Online Learning pop-up messaging service.  You will also receive a copy of the message to your email inbox.  If you don't, check if you have forwarded your messages somewhere or check your 'junk' folder.

Using Forums

Forums allow you to post information for your lecturers and other students to view and reply to existing posts. Forums on Solent Online Learning are indicated by the forum icon. Forum icon

This is an example of a forum in progress:

Example of a forum

To subscribe to a forum to ensure that you receive emails of new posts, click on the forum title and select the Subscribe to this forum option on the right-hand side.

To post to a forum, click on the forum title and select Add a new discussion topic. Add a subject and then type your post into the Message box. Click on Post to Forum. You then have 30 minutes after submitting to edit your post.

To reply to a forum post, go into the forum, select the discussion you want to contribute to and click on Reply. Your post will appear underneath the original item.

Use the drop-down menu at the top of the forum screen to change how the posts are displayed.

Further Support

If you need any further support in using Solent Online Learning, you can come to the Learning Technologies helpdesk (on the 2nd floor of the Mountbatten Library) and see us, call us on 023 8201 3340, email on, or try one of these resources:

Take Down Policy

Every effort is made to ensure that content on Solent Online Learning and associated systems (including Panopto, Mahara, Medial) does not infringe any person's rights, or applicable UK laws. Should you discover any content you believe to contravene copyright, permissions or licencing restrictions, be offensive in its nature, or illegal in some aspect, please contact with the following information:

  • Web address link to the page content,
  • Reason for requesting the content to be removed, and
  • Contact details for the complainant, including full name, email address and telephone number.

A representative of Southampton Solent University will respond by email within 28 working days of receipt of the complaint to confirm the removal of the content following internal investigation. Should the University feel the content should not be removed from the website, a full written explanation with evidence will be provided.