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Preparing presentations

Work well with your group

For a strong group presentation, work with your group at every stage. The worst thing you can do is to allocate roles, go off and prepare them separately only to come together on the day of the presentation – how would you know what your groupmates will say, and how will you know if your sections connect up together well?

Prepare well with your group by doing these things:

  • Plan the whole presentation together – not just the broader sections, but how each sections should work, and how they will link up.
  • Come together regularly to talk about what you have written and what you want to say.
  • Practise together – check that your sections are coherent with each other.
  • Allocate roles – who will do the introduction or summary? Who will take questions? Could one of your do all of the links between sections, or will one of you control all the technology?
  • Rehearse together, putting together all your sections and all your roles.
  • Always be prepared to tell each other when you think something is not working right or someone else is making mistakes.
  • Always be prepared to accept the criticism of your groupmates as a way of finding improvements to make.