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Attending lectures

Attending lectures checklist

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Attending lectures can really be a good way for your to develop your subject knowledge. You just have to make sure that you know how to do these things:

  • Pre-read in a general way to help you understand the content.
  • Complete tasks that your lecturer has set prior to the lecture.
  • Check the myCourse page in advance for any handouts or presentation slides you can bring with you.
  • Notice the difference between facts and concepts and think about different ways to record these.
  • Learn a note-taking strategy that suits you
  • Develop a balance between listening and writing during the lecture
  • Learn to compensate for negative influences on your ability to take notes
  • Do something with your lecture notes as soon as possible after the lecture
  • Do some research on the subject after the lecture
  • Use the lecture content as a starting point for your own research
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