Teams FAQs

Teams for Students - FAQ for staff

Question:  How will students access Teams?

Answer:  Students can download and access Teams in the same way as staff.  The software license for students is free as long as their student account is active.

Teams is installed by default on all university computers, and can also be downloaded to your personal machine by visiting or

A mobile app is also available from your mobile app store.

You will log in using your university email address and password.

Question:  Will students be informed about Teams or provided any training?

Answer:  A how-to guide for students is currently being developed, and will be located on the student help page.

New students will be informed about Teams as a key learning and teaching medium in their university welcome pack, and will be directed to download the Teams app along with Office 365.

Returning students will be notified via internal comms.

Question:  Will students be educated on the rules of engagement and laws regarding data protection.

Answer:  When students join the university, they are required to give consent to be recorded, with the understanding that recordings are only to be shared with members of a particular module or course.  Students will also be informed of their responsibilities regarding data protection and the illegal distribution/reproduction of Solent content.

Information on online learning etiquette is provided to students on the 'Get Ready to Learn' page.

We would always recommend communicating your expectations with students at the beginning of every module.