Teams FAQs

Teams for Tutorials - FAQ

Question:  How can I best set up Teams for Tutorials?

Answer:  If you have a regular recurring meeting with the same student(s) it would be worth creating a meeting in the calendar and inviting that student to the meeting (just like any meeting you would schedule with colleagues)

If you are getting students to book slots using the scheduler please see the FAQ below

If you have office hours where students can just pop in.  Create a reoccurring meeting in your calendar in Teams.  Save the meeting. Open the meeting and select meeting options.  Within meeting options change 'who can bypass the lobby' to 'only me'. Click save. You can then copy the link and publish this on SOL with a description on when your office hours are. 

When students join they will have to wait in the lobby until you admit them allowing you to talk to one student at a time.  Please do not use the meeting chat as this is available to all students who enter the room, instead share content with the student directly.  

Question:  Can I use the scheduler tool to automatically set up Teams meetings with my students?

Answer:  The scheduler tool won't link with Teams directly, but you could use the scheduler to allow students to select a meeting time, and then you could control their access in and out of a Teams meeting using the 'Lobby'.  

When students join the meeting, they will automatically be placed into the 'Lobby' where they will wait until you admit them into the meeting.