Teams FAQs

Requesting a new Team - FAQ

Question:  Do I even need to set up Module Team within Teams?

Answer:  Probably not - in most cases, the creation of Teams meetings using SOL will be sufficient.  If you only want to use Teams to meet with students, then you likely not need a specific Module Team.

A Module Team will be most beneficial for large cohorts, where information might be spread across multiple seminar groups, or lecturers who are interested in using the collaborative features in Teams.  This includes shared document creation and collaboration, chat between members of a module (tutors and students) outside scheduled teaching session.

For more information on Teams collaborative features, please see this collection of resources collated by ICT.

Question:  When will I be able to request my own Team?

Answer:  From w/c September 14.  This feature will be available if you click on the 'Teams' icon on the left hand menu bar in Teams.

Question:  What is a Channel, and how can I use one with my module Team?

Answer:  Channels can act as sub-groups or sub-topics within a Team.  You could create a Channel for each seminar group, or a Channel for a specific project your students might be working on.  Please note that by default, all participants in a Team can see all channels. Students can choose to leave a Channel themselves.

For an overview of how to use Channels, please see this page.

Question:  How can I best use my module Team for scheduling meetings, lectures and seminars?

Answer:  If you have a module Team, members of the team can use the 'meet now' function in the general module Channel for all meetings. On SOL, let students know when to log into Teams and access the Module Team. They will be prompted to join the meeting when it starts.

Question:  What happens if something is deleted on accident?

Answer:  It is likely that a backup can be retrieved.  Please contact ICT via their Unity platform for more support.