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Date: Wednesday, 1 December 2021, 3:21 PM

Account creation

Zoom has been purchased for facilitating online meetings with students and licenses are being distributed accordingly. If you require a staff only meeting room, please use Skype for business. Skype for business can also be used for meetings with small groups of students, if you'd prefer.

To use Zoom via SOL with an unrestricted time limit you will first need to either set up a new account or link an existing free account that was previously set up using your Solent email address.

In either case, you should have received an email via your Solent email address; if not please contact ltu@solent.ac.uk

1. Click the link in the email:

You may be asked to accept their preferences. Accept and Close.

If you have previously created a free account with Zoom you will be asked to convert your account; please skip to the section after step 4.

2. Click the Sign up with a Password link:


3. Fill in your details and set a password:

4. Make a note of, or bookmark your personal meeting room link for adhoc meetings with colleagues:

You can now close this window and follow the instruction in the next section to set up a meeting in SOL.

If you have an existing free account 

When the link in the email is clicked you will see the following screen; your account will be converted but you will not lose any previous data or meetings. You will use the same login details:

You can now exit Zoom online and follow the instruction on the next page to set up a meeting in SOL.

Adding a Zoom meeting in SOL

Solent only has 50 pro Zoom licenses that allow meetings over 40 minutes. 

If you need a meeting over 40 minutes, please set your link up directly before the meeting starts, as a pro license is assigned to the meeting host (the person that creates the link) when the link is created.

This is to prevent your license from potentially being downgraded to a basic license, due to the way SOL automatically reassigns licenses once the limit of pro licenses has been reached, which could happen if the meeting is scheduled for the future.

If you only need a 40 minute meeting then the link can be scheduled for the future.

1. Turn editing on:

2. Click Add an activity or resource:

3. Select Zoom meeting (double click or click the Add button) :

4. Enter a name for the topic of the meeting; if this is to replace a timetabled session then the topic could reflect which session it relates to. The date and time will also appear in the students' SOL calendar and in the student app:

5. Set the schedule for the meeting:

6. If you are setting this meeting up on behalf of another tutor, add their email in the 'alternative hosts' section:

7. Click Save and display and the meeting details will be displayed. If the meeting is in the future you will be unable to join the meeting:

Students can then join the meeting without the need to sign up, although they will be requested to download the Zoom application.

Once in the meeting, there are guides on the Zoom website that may help: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/201146643

Privacy and Security

To ensure your teaching events and meetings are secure and private please read this Zoom security and privacy guidance.

Skype for Business or Telephone should be used for confidential internal matters.
Zoom Security

Zoom GDPR statement

Security Toolbar Icon for Hosts

  • The meeting host will now have a Security option in their meeting controls, which exposes all of Zoom’s existing in-meeting security controls one place. This includes locking the meeting, enabling Waiting Room, and more. Users can also now enable Waiting Room in a meeting, even if the feature was not turned on before the start of the meeting. For more information, please visit this recently published Blog.

Invite Button on Meeting Client Toolbar

  • The button to invite others to join your Zoom meeting is now available at the bottom of the Participants panel

Meeting ID No Longer Displayed

  • The meeting ID will no longer be displayed in the title bar of the Zoom meeting window. The meeting ID can be found by clicking on Participants, then Invite or by clicking on the info icon at the top left of the client window.

Remove Attendee Attention Tracking Feature

  • Zoom has removed the attendee attention tracker feature as part of our commitment to the security and privacy of our customers. For more background on this change and how we are pivoting during these unprecedented times, please see a note from our CEO, Eric S. Yuan 

Removal of the Facebook SDK in our iOS client 

  • We have reconfigured the feature so that users will still be able to log in with Facebook via their browser

File Transfers

  • The option to do third-party file transfers in Meeting and Chat was temporarily disabled. Local file transfer is available with our latest release. Third-party file transfers and clickable URLs in meeting chat will be added back in an upcoming release

New Join Flow for the Web client

  • By default, users will now need to sign in to their Zoom account or create a Zoom account when joining a meeting with the Web client. This can be disabled by the Admin or the User from their settings page

Join Before Host Emails Disabled

  • Notifications sent to the host via email when participants are waiting for the host to join the meeting have been disabled.

Setting to Allow Participants to Rename Themselves

  • Account admins and hosts can now disable the ability for participants to rename themselves in any meeting. This setting is available at the account, group, and user level in the Web portal.

Language for Directory and Company Directory (please note, this does not impact your account)

  • Domain contacts: For free Basic and single licensed Pro accounts with unmanaged domains, contacts in the same domain will no longer be visible. We’ve also removed the option to auto-populate your Contacts list with users from the same domain. If you would like to keep those contacts, you can add them as External Contacts.

Change in visibility of contacts with same domain (please note, this does not impact your account)

  • For Basic and single licensed Pro accounts with unmanaged domains, contacts in the same domain will no longer be visible under ‘Company Directory’ in the ‘Contacts’ tab. Consequently, for the single Pro accounts with unmanaged domains, we’ve removed the option in the admin experience to populate Company Directory with users from the same domain. If these affected users would like to keep contacts with the same domain, they can add them as External contacts. This change will not impact paid accounts with multiple licenses and all accounts with managed domains.