How do I create a table of contents in Word?

1: Make sure the headings in your work are correct in Word.



2: If you are happy to use the default font, Highlight your text and select a header style from the Home tab. Heading 1 is used for Main headings. Heading 2 is used for sub-headings. Use the other headers for additional sections.


3: The title will change to your chosen style.


4: If you want a different font and size for a heading, edit the text on your heading, highlight the text, then right-click Heading 1 in the Styles menu and select Update Heading to Match Selection.


5: Click in your document where you want the Table of Contents to appear. Go to the References tab and select Table of Contents.


6: Select Automatic Table (either of the two).


7: The Table of Contents has been successfully made


8: Remember that, when you make changes to the document, you will need to update the Table of Contents. Right click the Table of Contents and click Update Entire Table.