Managing recordings

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Book: Managing recordings
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Date: Tuesday, 7 December 2021, 2:19 AM


Additional basic resources and functionality in Panopto

Managing your recordings

When recording in the classroom you would normally select the unit, record your lecture and let the software do the rest.  

However, there are occasions where the recording has not gone to the correct unit, you wish to make it more widely available or you wish to edit some of the content.  

Read on to find out how to:

  • delete a recording
  • move a recording
  • copy recordings to other folders
  • edit a recording

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Deleting a recording

Recordings are created locally on the machine you are presenting from. Once the recording has been completed it begins to upload to  Panopto's servers. 

Step 1. If you need to delete a recording that has already been uploaded  you can do this by clicking on the name of the recording  in the lecture capture block on the relevant module page, or going directly to .

Lecture capture block - course settings

Step 2. Assuming that you have clicked the link to the video in the Panopto block, click the name of the module folder found towards the top of the browser.

panopto setting dialgue box

Step 3. you will now see a list of all the recordings in that module folder.  Hover your mouse over the recording you wish to delete, a list of options will appear, the last being delete.

managing recordings

Be careful not to delete entries you may subsequently need!

Now you are able to:

  • move a recording to a different folder (see Moving a recording). 
  • delete the recordings that are stored on locally on the hard drive. 
Deleting the recording is irreversible. Make sure it has already been uploaded to the remote service if needed before you delete the local copy. ICT have also created an automatic process that deletes local copies of recordings after one month.

Delete local recording

Moving a recording

Step 1: To move a recording, hover over the entry and select the settings icon. This will take you to the settings associated with the selected recording.

Move a recording

Step 2: select the "Edit" link to change the folder location.

Move folder location

Step 3: Click on the edit link where you will be presented with a drop down menu of folders you have rights to. Select the location you want to move the recording to and then click on the save link.

Move to another folder and save

Copying recordings to other folders

If you have a recording created for one unit, but would like to also use it in another unit, you can create a copy of the session. 

Step 1. Select the tick box to the left of the appropriate recording. A copy button will then appear to the top of the interface.

Select recording to copy

Step 2. Once you click on the copy button a dialogue box will appear. Locate or type in the name of the folder you want to move the copy to.

You will have access to any folders where you have "creator" rights.

Select folder to copy to

Once you select the folder you will see a green copy button. 

Step 3. Click on the green copy button and a copy of the recording will appear in both folders. Links to the recordings will appear in the lecture capture block on both the unit pages on SOL.

Copy button

You can copy multiple recordings from one folder to another. 

Step 4. If you need to copy over an entire folder of recordings, use the select box to the top left of the folder and follow the steps above.

copy 4

Editing a recording

Panopto has some basic editing capabilities. We would recommend that you use these only if the need is appropriate as it can add to the work load required before making recordings available to students. 

To edit your recording click on the edit icon against the appropriate file.

Edit icon

This will take you through to the Panopto online editing interface. Some further details can be found on the Panopto support site.

The Panopto support site also offers a video tutorial for basic editing.

Using Auto-Captioning in Panopto

The following resource will only apply to unedited panopto videos.

If you need to make edits and use auto-caption feature, please contact Learning Technologies at 

Uploading a recording

You may need to upload a recording from another system, such as Teams. As long as you do not breach copyright and the recording has been made within Solent you may upload to Panopto.

You cannot upload Documentaries, Films or other copyrighted materials. If you would like to upload non-Solent material please check with the library if the permissions can be obtained. If they can, we may be able to use a different system to host this type of material. See the guide at

Step 1. Firstly request Panopto Upload capability from

Step 2. Navigate to and login with your Solent credentials.

Step 3. Choose Create>Upload media. If you do not see this option then you need to request Panopto Upload capability from

Create Upload media

Step 4. Select the Module folder required in the drop-down Add files to and then drag your recording into the window

Upload window

Step 5. You will see the following message when the file has uploaded, you can now close the window.

Upload complete

Step 6. The file will now process in the correct module folder and add captions automatically. This may take some time to process.


Step 7. If you would like to embed the recording on a SOL page follow the guidance at