The basics

How to start recording

Using shortcuts

The Panopto recorder uses the following hot-keys: 

For Windows 7/8/10: 

  • F8 to begin recording
  • F9 to pause 
  • F10 to stop

For MacOS: 

  • Option (ALT) Cmd R to begin recording
  • Option (ALT) Cmd P to pause 
  • Option (ALT) Cmd S to stop
Commit these to memory as the pause button is very useful whilst presenting as you can 'pause' your presentation without stopping the recording.

When you have finished your presentation you can stop the recording. Once a recording has been stopped you will see a message to let you know it has completed successfully. At this point you can amend the name and add a description if needed. 

Once any changes or additions have been applied click on the Upload button.