The basics

How to start recording

Primary & secondary sources

1. Check the 'Primary Sources' section (top left of your recording display page). Panopto will pick up any audio and video sources that are connected to that computer.

If you don't have any microphones or webcams connected, 'None' will be written next to both sources.

2. For Video: If you do NOT want to capture video, ensure the 'Video' setting is set to 'None'. If you DO want video, some computers have a 'Visualiser' (Hovercam) you can use or an 'Integrated webcam' inside the screen. You can also plug in your own 'webcam'. Select the required option.

3. For Audio: If your computer has more than one device attached, select the device you want by using the drop down menu. 

Webcams and visualisers pick up sound. Some classrooms have boundary mics (found above the main whiteboard screen).  The microphone volume can be adjusted with the simple slide bar showing a visual indication of the recording level. Clap your hands by the source to test this.

4. Check the 'Secondary sources' check boxes that show what content you will be recording (bottom left corner of your screen).  Select one or the other as appropriate. If unsure leave both ticked. In the first instance, this will be either a power point presentation or the whole screen.