The basics

How to enable Panopto on SOL modules

Panopto is the software that is used to record or capture your pre recorded directed learning (asynchronous online) and face to face or online (via Teams)  collaborative learning sessions automatically. These recorded resources are attached to modules and courses in SOL. 

To use the Panopto software you first need to connect it to the modules you are teaching on (this might have be done for you by the module leader) :

1. Go to the module you wish to record to on SOL, scroll the right-hand side blocks to see if the 'lecture capture block' is showing.  If it is and it shows Provision Course, click this link to dynamically set up the respective folder in Panopto in the background (when you come to record, this will be the correct folder to record into). 

The screen will then show some important information but you need to look for the Result. It will say Successfully provisioned course. Click Back to course

The block will now be provisioned and look like this:

Image shows the lecture capture block

When you come to record using Panopto, you will now have the correct folder to select for your module.

2. If the 'lecture capture block' is not showing, 'turn editing on' by clicking the arrow next to the COG icon underneath your name profile picture (top-right).  

SOL -cog

3. Go to Add a block (bottom-left of the menu) click and scroll down to select Panopto Recordings.

Add lecture capture block