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Why record contact time with students?

Session recordings benefits staff in several ways:

  • allows staff to record classroom content, welcome messages, screen casts and capture assignment briefs
  • recordings can be accessed by students online via SOL
  • gives you the freedom to choose what to capture during a session - it could be an audio recording to accompany PowerPoint slides or the whole room. 

How do session recordings benefit students?

  • provides an additional resource for revision
  • provides the opportunity to revisit concepts outside the classroom. 

About the sessions recording system

the ability to record your session both in the classroom and online is provided by the software company, Panopto. It is seamlessly integrated with SOL. Once a recording is completed the software will upload the video and make it available to students for viewing. 

Tutors do not need to edit the video before uploading. Contact if you'd like to explore this option however.

As a tutor you are able to see how the students are using the recordings through the video analytics.  With this information you can:

  • discover the content students are struggling with
  • address these areas in subsequent sessions. 

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How to enable Panopto on SOL modules

Panopto is the software that is used to record or capture your pre recorded directed learning (asynchronous online) and face to face or online (via Teams)  collaborative learning sessions automatically. These recorded resources are attached to modules and courses in SOL. 

To use the Panopto software you first need to connect it to the modules you are teaching on (this might have be done for you by the module leader) :

1. Go to the module you wish to record to on SOL, scroll the right-hand side blocks to see if the 'lecture capture block' is showing.  If it is and it shows Provision Course, click this link to dynamically set up the respective folder in Panopto in the background (when you come to record, this will be the correct folder to record into). 

The screen will then show some important information but you need to look for the Result. It will say Successfully provisioned course. Click Back to course

The block will now be provisioned and look like this:

Image shows the lecture capture block

When you come to record using Panopto, you will now have the correct folder to select for your module.

2. If the 'lecture capture block' is not showing, 'turn editing on' by clicking the arrow next to the COG icon underneath your name profile picture (top-right).  

SOL -cog

3. Go to Add a block (bottom-left of the menu) click and scroll down to select Panopto Recordings.

Add lecture capture block

How to activate your modules

To ensure that the Panopto software knows where to save your recordings, you need to provision your unit/page.  

Follow the steps below to activate a folder:

1. To activate the unit for lecture capture, click the Provision Course link. 

Provision block

Notice that you are notified once you have provisioned your course:  'Successfully provisioned course'. Students and tutors will have access to the folder automatically.

Provision unit

2. Click Back to courseInitially there will be no recordings under the completed recordings section. 

No recordings

Once you begin to use the recorder to create resources and assign them to the pages, they will be automatically added as links within the block.

Lectures show in block

How to launch the recorder & log in

The Panopto recorder has been made available by ICT on machines in all classrooms and lecture theatres. If you are recording from home, you will first need to download the Panopto Recorder onto your machine, then follow the steps below.

1. Launch the Panopto Recorder on the computer. To do this on a university machine, click on the Start menu and click on the green Panopto icon.

Launch panopto

2. Log into the system via the blue 'Sign in with Solent Online Learning' button and not via the usual 'Username and password' option.

Login screen

Notice that it looks like you are logging into SOL. However, this will take you through to the Panopto system.

Panopto sign in

How to start recording

Once you have successfully signed into the Panopto recorder, the screen will show you all the settings you can use to customise your recordings.

You can start recording straight away by using the defaults but check the following settings to make sure they meet your requirements:

  • Check the folder you are recording to and add a name.
  • Check your primary sources.
  • Check your secondary sources.

Below is an interactive example of the menu of the Panopto recorder.  Hover your mouse over the different sections to see how they work.  For more detail read on in subsequent pages. 

Ignore the 'previous' and 'next' buttons. 

Select a folder & add a name

Follow the steps below to select a folder and add a name:

1. Select the required unit folder and name the recording. Click on the drop down menu to select the correct location.

It is important to select the right folder so that the right students or other tutors have access to your recording.  If no folder is selected the default is 'My Folder' which is only available to you.  To practice, simply record into your 'My Folder' space. 

2. The unit pages you have provisioned will be listed.  Select the appropriate folder to place a new recording.

Notice that the session folders (the yearly ones) are greyed out. To see other folders available to you click the 'down' arrow by this folder:

3. Give your recording an appropriate name

Apply a naming convention to ensure students know what the resources contain.

Primary & secondary sources

1. Check the 'Primary Sources' section (top left of your recording display page). Panopto will pick up any audio and video sources that are connected to that computer.

If you don't have any microphones or webcams connected, 'None' will be written next to both sources.

2. For Video: If you do NOT want to capture video, ensure the 'Video' setting is set to 'None'. If you DO want video, some computers have a 'Visualiser' (Hovercam) you can use or an 'Integrated webcam' inside the screen. You can also plug in your own 'webcam'. Select the required option.

3. For Audio: If your computer has more than one device attached, select the device you want by using the drop down menu. 

Webcams and visualisers pick up sound. Some classrooms have boundary mics (found above the main whiteboard screen).  The microphone volume can be adjusted with the simple slide bar showing a visual indication of the recording level. Clap your hands by the source to test this.

4. Check the 'Secondary sources' check boxes that show what content you will be recording (bottom left corner of your screen).  Select one or the other as appropriate. If unsure leave both ticked. In the first instance, this will be either a power point presentation or the whole screen. 

Opening PPT (if selected)

1. If you are recording a power point, indicate you would like to open the presentation:

2. Once you have selected the presentation you will be offered the option to begin recording after the PowerPoint presentation opens. When this is selected the presentation will launch and the recorder interface will minimise.

3. If you already have a presentation open you can indicate that the presentation should launch as soon as you click the record button.

In both instances you can then continue with your presentation as normal.

Using shortcuts

The Panopto recorder uses the following hot-keys: 

For Windows 7/8/10: 

  • F8 to begin recording
  • F9 to pause 
  • F10 to stop

For MacOS: 

  • Option (ALT) Cmd R to begin recording
  • Option (ALT) Cmd P to pause 
  • Option (ALT) Cmd S to stop
Commit these to memory as the pause button is very useful whilst presenting as you can 'pause' your presentation without stopping the recording.

When you have finished your presentation you can stop the recording. Once a recording has been stopped you will see a message to let you know it has completed successfully. At this point you can amend the name and add a description if needed. 

Once any changes or additions have been applied click on the Upload button.

Viewing recordings in SOL

Once your recording has uploaded to the Panopto server, a link will become available to tutors and students on the unit page.

For example:

The recording will open up in Panopto, to directly access the Panopto system go to .

Portable session recordings kit loan

There is also a small number of portable lecture capture kits available from the Learning Technologies Helpdesk on Floor 2 of the Library building. 

The kits comprise of:

  • a laptop
  • HD webcam
  • tripod 
  • boundary microphone. 

Email or call x5100 for more details.