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Panopto session recordings for students information

About session recordings

'Session Recordings' is the term used to describe the recording of any contact session with you and your tutor. It is widely used on taught modules to support both online and face to face delivery.  The software used to create these recordings is called Panopto. your tutor may also refer to it as 'lecture capture'.  Some of the benefits include:

  • You can review your lectures any time and anywhere to reinforce your learning.
  • Recordings are viewable on multiple devices.
  • The session recordings system (Panopto) allows you to create your own bookmarks and private revision notes.
  • Any points that you would like to clarify during your live lecture will be available to you afterwards.
  • You can prepare thoroughly for your subsequent lectures and assignments.

Accessing your session recordings

If you tutor is an active participant in recording their sessions, you will see the a 'block' on the left hand side in the associated unit page.

By clicking on the title of a recording, the lecture capture software interface will open. 

Student view of recorded lectures

You can play the recording but you can also move it forward and/or rewind it, either by clicking at different points across the play bar or by clicking on any of the thumbnail images (or using the contents links). This will take you to that point in the lecture timeline.

You can also use the search facility in Panopto to search for a specific word/phrase; if the word/phrase is found in that recording that specific point will play automatically. 

Search the recording

Troubleshooting your access to Panopto

Having issues with your Apple device on Safari? 

If on your SOL module page you are faced with a login box instead of a Panopto Video, please follow these instructions.

  1. Open the Safari app  on your Mac.

  2. In the top toolbar click on Safari > Preferences, then click Privacy.
  3. Untick the “Prevent cross-site tracking” box.
  4. Refresh your Web Browser.

Having issues with your Windows device on Google Chrome? 

If on your SOL module page you are faced with a login box instead of a Panopto Video, please follow these instructions.

  1. On your Windows device, open the Chrome app
  2. Open Chrome Settings < Cookies and other site data.
  3. Click the Add button on the right of sites that can always use cookies. 
  4. Add the "[*.] " with 3rd party cookies.
  5. Open webpage, it should log in automatically if not log in with your SOL Username and Password.
  6. Refresh your Web Browser.

Using for revision purposes

The great advantage of lecture capture is the ability to go back over the sessions you had. The system also allows you to add your own bookmarks which will also act as links to the relevant point in the recording. You can use these to refer back to particular areas you would like to clarify.


The notes area allows you to write comprehensive revision notes to use in support of your learning. These can be useful to refer back to, to prepare for assessments and exams. These notes are also attached to the specific time in the recording. These revision notes can only be seen by you.  

Student notes

Android mobiles and tablets

There is an app available for Android tablets and mobile phones. The mobile and tablet apps do not have the ability to add notes and bookmarks, but they will allow you to review lectures and presentations on the devices and time that suit you.

To install the android app go to the Google play store and search for Panopto.

Google play

Having installed the Panopto app, click on the SIGN IN link at the top of the screen. The first time you sign in, you will need to add the address

Set the panopto site

Use the drop down menu to select 'Sign in using Solent Online Learning' and enter your normal university username and password. Having logged in you will see any recorded lectures available to select. Simply click on the lecture to view.

More information on that can be found here:

Using Panopto for assignments

If your tutor requests that your assignment should be recorded via Panopto, you can either use any Univerisity lectern computer or you can download the recorder to your own device by going to and logging in with your university credentials.  

In the menu at the top right, you will be given the link to download the recorder (Download Panopto):

You will need to select the appropriate installer. Run the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are installing on a PC, ensure that the Panopto Web Server address reads as shown here:

panopto web server address

You will then be prompted to sign in via Solent Online Learning:

sign into panopto

If you are installing on a Mac, you will be prompted to input the server address.  Enter this address into the server box:

You must then select to Sign on with Solent Online Learning

Sign into Panopto using the Solent Online Learning option

After signing in, your internet browser may prompt you to open the Panopto recorder as shown here:

open panopto

Once the Panopto recorder has opened, click on My Folder.  Although the main 'year' folder looks greyed out, click on the black triangle icon to open it.  You can then click the black triangle icon to open the main unit folder. 

You need select the correct folder to record into. Your tutor will have firstly set up a special [assignments] folder for you to record into within Panopto.  In the example below, 'BUS603_4198379035:Business Project (BUS603) [assignments]' will be selected.


You can also search for the code of the unit and the word 'assignments' by typing into this area on a PC:

panopto PC search bar

And here on a Mac:

search for the folder you wish to record into

You will have access to record into this folder and this recording is private to you and your tutor. You can view, amend and delete your own recordings in this folder but will not be able to see any other content in this folder.

When you are ready to create your recording, click here.


How to start recording

How to start recording

Once you have successfully signed into the Panopto recorder and selected your [assignments] folder for your unit, the screen will show you all the settings you can use to customise your recordings.

Before you start recording:

  • Check the folder you are recording to and add a name.
  • Check your primary sources (video/audio sources).
  • Check your secondary sources (Powerpoint and screen recordings).

panopto screenshot

Primary & secondary sources

Primary & secondary sources

1. Check the 'Primary Sources' section (top left of your recording display page). Panopto will pick up any audio and video sources that are connected to that computer.

If you don't have any microphones or webcams connected, 'None' will be written next to both sources.

2. For Video: If you would like to record from your webcam along with your presentation slides, you can select your Video source.  If you do NOT want to capture video, ensure the 'Video' setting is set to 'None'. 

3. For Audio: Most laptops and mobile devices will have a built-in microphone.  If your computer has more than one device attached, select the device you want by using the drop down menu. 

The microphone volume can be adjusted with the simple slide bar showing a visual indication of the recording level. Clap your hands by the source to test this.

4. Check the 'Secondary sources' check boxes that show what content you will be recording (bottom left corner of your screen).  We recommend leaving both boxes ticked, which will record both your screen and your Powerpoint presentation.  Note:  For Mac users only, Panopto can also record Keynote Presentation slides.

Opening PPT (if selected)

Opening PPT (if selected)

1. If you are recording a power point, indicate you would like to open the presentation:

2. Once you have selected the presentation you will be offered the option to begin recording after the PowerPoint presentation opens. When this is selected the presentation will launch and the recorder interface will minimise.

3. If you already have a presentation open you can indicate that the presentation should launch as soon as you click the record button.

In both instances you can then continue with your presentation as normal.

Starting, Stopping and Uploading your Recording

How to Start, Stop and Upload your Recording

When you are ready to begin recording, click the red 'Record' button on the recorder:

panopto screenshot

When you have finished your recording, select the red 'Stop' button.  You can also pause and resume your recording at any point.

panopto stop

Once you click 'Stop' you will be prompted to upload your recording by clicking 'Done'.  If you would like to delete your recording and make a new one, you can also do that from this screen:

panopto recording complete

After you have selected 'Done', your video will begin uploading.  Your tutor will now be able to view the recording that you have made.

iPad and iPhone devices

There is an app available for iPads and iPhones. The mobile and tablet apps do not have the ability to add notes and bookmarks, but they will allow you to review taught sessions and presentations on the devices and time that suit you.

To install simply go to the apple store and search for Panopto.

Apple store

Having installed the app you will need to enter some details to connect to the university's session recordings service. Click on the Sign in link and in the address field enter

Connect to the service

Select Solent Online Learning as the login account and use your normal university username and password to login. Having logged in, you will now see all your recorded sessions as well as the ability to search through them. Simply select the recording you want and click on it to view.

More information on that can be found here:

How to Use the Panopto iOS Application on an iPad

How to Use the Panopto iOS Application on an iPhone